Plastering – We are happy if we can, to help out with other areas that made need plastering around the conservatory. Just ask!

Lighting – If you decide to add some extra lighting to the conservatory we can include that within our quote. We offer various packages 1st and 2nd fix and accommodate your lighting requirements. Please feel free to include this in your request.

Roof Lanterns – If you are contemplating adding a lantern talk to us. We can request a quote from our specialist team to change the conservatory more into an orangery by adding walls and insulation you can create a whole new structure. Ask us we have loads of ideas!

Velux Roof Windows – Do you feel like adding more light? Will your conservatory feel too dark. All these questions we can answer and advise.  We offer a full turn-key project from start to finish and knowing how many velux windows to add and where to put them is something we are very good at, ask us and we will help gladly.

Building Control – We are happy to obtain a BC certificate if you feel you would like this service just ask.  We have a private building inspector who works alongside us on some projects and is quite happy to assist. Fees are applied on the quote if you require this extra service.